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Partner With Rocky: How You Win

Would you like to get visibility and exposure sponsoring Rocky Carson in the world’s fastest sport?

Racquetball has over 6.5 million players in the United States.  Racquetball fans are some of the most loyal fans in the world.

By Sponsoring Rocky, your product will get major exposure:  not only locally, but nationally and internationally.  Rocky participates in tournaments in all parts of the world; Asia, Europe, South and Central America, and Canada.  He also plays in over 15 Professional Racquetball tournaments in the United States alone each year.  Tournaments have up to 3,000 people attend throughout the weekend.

In the last year the Professional Racquetball Tour has been covered by has covered all events live on the Men’s Professional Tour across the United States.  Every weekend 30,000 people log on to watch the Pro’s.  The fans are from all over the world.  The matches after they are broadcasted live are archived.  Fans can’t get enough of the action so they come back to the site over and over reaching 250,000 hits per month.  The’s goals are to have over 100,000 members by 2013, and to capture all of racquetball’s fan base throughout the world. 

Rocky looks at sponsorship as a partnership between him and the companies he represents.  He loves talking to people about racquetball and the products he uses.  He has a passion to grow the sport by doing clinics, demonstrations, and camps for his sponsors around the United States. Rocky loves to work with juniors.  He believes he can be more than just a player, Rocky wants to grow the sport and be an influential part of the game for many years to come, on and off the court.

A player profile of all of Rockys’ sponsors and gear are provided on IRT’s official website and on the largest online racquet sport retailer in the world;


Racquetball: number of participants in the U.S. 2011
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This graph depicts the number of participants (Americans, six years and older) in racquetball in the U.S. from 2006 to 2011. In 2011, 4.08 million Americans participated in racquetball.